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Sociology Unit Open Forum on Indigenous and Local Research Methodologies

Posted Friday, September 15, 2017

The Sociology Unit Open Forum hosts a presentation by Professor Camille Nakhid on Indigenous and Local research Methodologies Maori, Pasifika, African and Caribbean Approaches to Research.

The presentation takes place September 21 from 1 to 2.15pm at the Faculty of Social Sciences Room 101 East and West (FSS 101 East and West).

There is no cost or pre-registration. For more information, please contact Dr. Dylan Kerrigan at or call 662-2002 ext. 83061 or Dr. Anand Rampersad at or call 662-2002 ext. 82716.

About the presentation

This presentation will offer perspectives on the importance, utility and need for local methodological approaches in the conduct of social science research and sociology of education. 

About Professor Camille Nakhid

Professor Camille Nakhid is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her research interests include: the sociology of education; the social construction of identity; appropriate research methodologies for marginalised and minority groups; race and ethnicity; and Māori and Pasifika academic achievement. To view a picture of Professor Nakhid, please click here