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Calling all students - Sign up for E-Mentorship at Alumni Online Today!

Posted Thursday, March 29, 2018

Students, take advantage of the alumni E-Mentorship programme where alumni from all over the world provide you with up-to-date professional and academic advice.

E-Mentorship is offered at Alumni Online (bolded words are hyperlinked) and allows you – the E-Mentee, to receive information which will be useful for your courses and your career. 

Please note: This programme is NOT a replacement for the one-to-one Mentoring Programmes offered at The UWI campuses. 

About E-Mentorship

E- Mentorship is easy and you get a response within 24 hours. Remember you may ask any academic (related to course content/ industry trends, cutting edge innovations in the field) or  professional (courses that can help your career, recommendations on conferences to attend etc.) questions via email.  

To view the current list of UWI alumni E-Mentors and to sign up to be an E-Mentee, please visit:

 For additional queries, please contact:























































































































































































For additional queries, please contact: