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SOE Matelot Relief Outreach

Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Shortly after calls for relief efforts in the Matelot area in November 2016 (See Newsday article here), members of staff and students from the School of Education (SOE) responded by organising a Matelot Relief Outreach.

Faculty member, Dyann Barras collected contributions such as stationery supplies, water and other needed items and monetary donations from staff and students within the faculty. The SOE Matelot Relief Outreach delivered these contributions to affected persons, including schoolchildren, in the Matelot area.  

Photos from the collection site are below: (Bolded words are hyperlinked)

For more information about the SOE Matelot Relief Effort, please contact Dyan Barras at 662-2002 ext. 83817.