General Notices

November Seminars: Department of Behavioural Seminar Series

Posted Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The Department of Behavioural Sciences continues their Seminar Series which takes place every Thursday from noon to 1pm at the Department of Behavioural Sciences, Carmody Road, Conference Room.  

 The schedule is as follows:




November 2, 2017


Dr. Jannel Gentius

Considering Mediation and Moderation Analyses

November  9, 2017


Dr. Nicole Albada

Autobiographical memory across adulthood and cultures

November  16, 2017


Janelle Mills

Who’s Homophobic? Demographic Predictors of Attitudes toward Homosexuality among Tertiary Level Students in Trinidad


November  23, 2017


Ms Lisa Finch

Just Waiting to Die: An Investigation into the Experiences of Homebound Elderly Women in the Eastern Region of Trinidad.


November  30, 2017


Felicia Frederick-Davis

Psychological Insulin Resistance, Emotional Distress and Self-efficacy: Investigating psychological predictors of the willingness to initiate insulin treatment among people with Type 2 diabetes in Trinidad.

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