Student Notices

Be Safe on Campus

Posted Friday, December 01, 2017

The UWI Estate Police wants you to Be Safe on Campus. 

Check out these tips below: 

Be Safe on Campus

  • Know The UWI Police numbers: 662-2002 ext. 82120/83510
  • Never walk or jog alone at night and avoid secluded or dimly lit areas
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave
  • Always be alert to your surroundings
  • After dark, call UWI Police to escort you to your vehicle

Be Safe while Studying

  • Report all suspicious persons and activity to The UWI Police
  • Campus Security Escort Service available on request: 6pm to 6am
  • Do not study in poorly lit or secluded areas
  • Do not leave laptops and bags unattended
  • Be responsible for their personal and property protection
  • Be cautious when using bathroom facilities unaccompanied