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UWI FIFA CIES Public Lecture: Creating and Developing New Sporting Events

Posted Friday, January 05, 2018

The UWI FIFA CIES Lecture series presents a Public Lecture with Mr. Martin Kaswurm, CEO & Founder, Chaka2 GmbH and Local Assistant, Champions League & Europa League | UEFA on the topic, Creating and Developing New Sporting Events.

The lecture takes place January 27 at 2pm at the Teaching and Learning Complex (TLC), Lecture Theatre B. This event is free and all are invited, however space is limited.

The lecture is targeted towards: Sports management students, Sports administrators, Sports Associations, Government Officials, Event planners.

For more information call 662-2002 ext. 83724. 

Lecture Topics include: 

  • Developing attractive sporting events: creative and innovative solutions to engaging fans and sponsors for long-lasting connections.
  • Finding innovative ideas in developing new sporting events.
  • Creating new sporting events and discovering untapped opportunities.
  • Creation and Innovation of Sporting Events: How to move away from traditional sporting events and become innovative movers?

About Martin Kaswurm

Martin Kaswurm is a 31 year old visionary and founder of the sports marketing agency, Chaka 2, headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. In his role as founder and managing director of Chaka2, Martin has become recognised as one of the most creative and innovative experts in finding new products and channels through which to reach audiences. 

Brand Marketing and Brand Activation are among the core compounds of Chaka2. Characterized by its unbridled creativity and top notch professionalism, Chaka2 works with some of the biggest brands in the world and carries out over 1,000 events per year for clients such as Red Bull, SAP, Audi, and Adidas.

One of Martin's innovative ideas was the ideation and development of snow volleyball, whose annual tour around many of Europe’s top ski resorts in the winter season makes headlines across the continent. In 2018, snow volleyball will reach new heights with a European Tour, the European Championships and with international stops including Asia.

Martin works closely with his clients in order to provide creative online and offline brand activations, digital solutions, motion production, event organisation, sponsorship consultancy and logistics. Website: