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UWI-SRC presents Place as Palimpsest Exhibition and Discussion

Posted Friday, January 12, 2018

The UWI Seismic Research Centre (UWI-SRC) hosts the Place as Palimpsest [Yon kote tankou Palimpseste] Exhibition and Public Discussion by Dr Kwynn Johnson, Visual Artist and Haitian Studies scholar.

Be there on January 16 at 10am for a public discussion as the Seismic Centre’s scientists talk with Dr. Johnson about Science and The Visual Arts and the connections to Haiti at Seismic Research Centre, Gordon Street, St. Augustine.  Viewing is open to the public until 1pm.

For more information, please call 662-4659 ext. 409 or email

To view a printable flyer, please click here.

About Place as Palimpsest [Yon kote tankou Palimpseste]


  • “An exploration of vestiges of history as located in the geology of Cap Haitien, north Haiti … place is visually explored as a layered repository or ‘palimpsest’ of history, and comes to be known by excavating meanings in the present, in light of the past.” [Dr Kwynn Johnson - The Caribbean Quarterly - a Journal of Caribbean Culture. Vol.63. 2017]
  • “[a] feature of the palimpsest is[indeed] the sense that earlier inscriptions are never quite erased, for these narrative inscriptions become part of the whole” [Prof. Paula Morgan]
  • Hashtags:#geology #archaeology #deposits #stratification #earth #sedimentary #rocks #vestiges #archives #remnants #artefacts #fossil #roots #Antilles #Haiti #archipelago