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Human Resources Division Coaching Programme

Posted Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Human Resources Division is hosting the 2017/2018 cycle of its Coaching Programme and is inviting members of the campus community to express their interest in being coached.

This programme will take place over six (6) months. Please review the niche areas listed below and select the area you believe that you are most likely to benefit from and why.

Interested persons should send an email to by January 31.

The different areas of coaching offered to staff are:

Executive Coaching

  • Executive Coaching is a facilitative one-to-one, mutually designed relationship between a professional coach and a key contributor who has a powerful position in the organization. The coaching is contracted for the benefit of a client who is accountable for highly complex decisions with wide scope of impact on the organization and industry as a whole. This coaching style is usually focused on organizational performance or development, but it may also serve a personal component as well.

Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching is a collaborative, individualized relationship between a leader and the coach. The leader could be an executive, manager, supervisor, team leader or business owner for example — anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people

Performance Coaching

  • In Performance Coaching, the coach works with the client to help him or her discover talents and make the most of them. The client sets the goals and the performance coach helps him/her to reach them. Although performance coaching is often sought for career enhancement, it can apply just as easily to personal life goals as well.

Career Coaching

  • Career coaching can help you create a plan for achieving your career goals while also providing you with the support and encouragement you need. In this way, you can achieve your career goals and finally work in a profession that makes you happy.

About Coaching

“Coaching is a partnership designed to help clients/coachees produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches help people improve their performance and enhance the quality of their lives”— International Coaching Federation.  

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