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UWI Appoints Seven New Professors

For Release Upon Receipt - April 7, 2017


At its Finance and General Purposes Committee (UF&GPC) meeting in February, The University of the West Indies announced the promotion of seven Senior Lecturers to the rank of Professor at its Mona, Open, and St. Augustine campuses.

Promotion to Professor­—the highest academic rank at the institution—is only made after a rigorous assessment process. It includes consultation with the Deans of the applicants and the Faculty Assessment Committees as well as endorsements from external assessors who review each of the candidates’ original body of works.

The following professorial appointments have been made at the Augustine campus with effect from February 8, 2017:

Dr Yuri Clement, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dr Rahul Naidu, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dr Chalapathi Rao Adidam Venkata, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Mona Campus

Dr Aldrie Henry-Lee, Faculty of Social Sciences

Dr Henry-Lee has led the way towards building a 'Sociology of the Caribbean'. A prolific researcher, she has produced a sustained body of original work in the field of public policy on poverty, gender, Caribbean childhoods and human rights. She is the author of five edited books related to child research, three short monographs, five special journal issues as well as eight book chapters, and 19 journal articles. Her work is published in a variety of well-respected outlets including Social and Economic Studies, Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management, Reproductive Health Matters (UK), West Indian Medical Journal, Environment and Urbanization (UK), Ian Randle Publishers and University of Bergen (UiB).

One external assessor noted that Dr Henry-Lee “is a leader in the field doing sociology that matters.” In addition to her scholarly work, Dr Henry-Lee has given considerable service to the University as Acting Director of SALISES, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair and member of several university committees.  She has served on committees organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund, the Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Child Development Agency.

Dr Marcia Roye, Faculty of Science and Technology 

Dr Roye has made very significant contributions to the study of begomoviruses in the Caribbean. This genus of plant viruses is responsible for massive economic losses in crops in the tropics and sub-tropics.


External assessors noted that her research meets the standards of excellence, both locally and internationally, with her work taken into account by the scientific community. She is considered a very successful researcher, teacher, and administrator. Dr. Roye has received a fair number of competitive grants, which shows appreciation of her work. In particular, she was awarded a large grant from the 'Grand Challenges Canada' for her HIV research and honoured by L'Oréal and UNESCO as an outstanding figure of 'Women in Science'.

Dr Paulette Ramsay, Faculty of Humanities and Education 

In her work as a member of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature, Dr Ramsay has contributed significantly to Afro-Latin, Afro-Hispanic and, in particular, to Afro-Mexican studies. She publishes and translates non-stop, books, book chapters, and articles in peer-reviewed top journals in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and mainland United States. In addition to her ground-breaking research and publications, she has collaborated in the translation of key Afro-Hispanic fiction into English. Her research attempts to expand the range of current academic efforts beyond the standard genres of present traditions.

One external assessor commented, “if her most recent book speaks to her depth as a scholar, her article publications speak to the breadth of her work.” She is seen to transcend national boundaries understanding the complexities of translocation dynamics of the black socio-historical experiences.

Open Campus

Dr Joel Warrican, Academic Programming and Delivery

Dr Warrican's work is innovative, impactful and eclectic with a focus on helping administrators assess teachers of language and literacy. His impressive scholarly record of a steady production of publications includes being the author of three books and several chapters in leading handbooks on literacy education. Further, he has co-authored three books and monographs. 

An established leader in teacher education, his 2012 publication, 'The Complete Caribbean teacher: Literacy' is used in graduate level teaching throughout the Caribbean. His main area of research is on literacy; technology in literacy and education; and democracy in education, especially focused on understanding and supporting multilingualism and multiculturalism.


An excerpt from the external assessors’ report states that “Dr. Warrican is an established leader in teacher education …his exemplary research serves as a model for teacher education and literacy and for action research methods.” 


St. Augustine Campus

Dr Yuri Clement, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dr Clement has an established international reputation in the area of herbal supplements and natural products. He has made significant contributions to the field and has demonstrated strong and effective leadership and administrative skills in the service of the scientific community and The University of the West Indies.

According to the external assessors, Dr Clement's submitted publications as well as his resume reveal a research scientist who has a consistent record of research that contributes original scholarly achievements to his major fields of interest, i.e. ethnobotanical use of medicinal plants of Trinidad and Tobago and medicinal plants/patent medication in modulation of drug-induced hepatoxicity. His ability to attract extramural funding points to the fact that he has become a recognised leader in his field of research. 

Dr Rahul Naidu, Faculty of Medical Sciences

In the last 15 years, Dr Naidu has been actively involved in teaching and clinical/community-based research as well as leading undergraduate courses related to Preventive Dentistry and Dental Public Health. His strong commitment to the care of vulnerable groups is evident in his leadership of the Community Dentistry outreach programme. Dr Naidu also supervises dental undergraduates and interns in clinical preventive Dentistry as part of child patient care in the Dental School's Paediatric Clinic. His research has resulted in a steady publication rate over the years. He is the author of two book chapters, one monograph, 33 peer-reviewed papers, and two non-peer-reviewed publications.

Feedback from an external assessor reported, “Overall Dr Naidu has a good spread of high-quality published work” and “has demonstrated a record of distinguished original work.”

Dr Chalapathi Rao Adidam Venkata, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Throughout his career, Dr Rao Adidam Venkata has demonstrated strong commitment and dedication to his profession and has worked for more than 28 years in both the didactic and problem-based learning methodologies.  The research on hormone receptor and HER-2Neu study in Breast Cancer was first in the Caribbean and had a significant impact with a spin-off of being introduced as a routine testing for Breast Cancer management. Other areas of his special interest include: Wound Healing and Renal Disease. He has published in peer-reviewed journals. He has also established direct immunofluorescence study service and provides support for renal transplant pathology at UWI-FMS. Besides, he is also working on providing Electron Microscopy service and research in various clinical areas. Currently, he is also providing Immunohistochemistry service in Cancer diagnosis.  External assessor’s considered his contribution “as clinically important and demonstrates insight into the role of pathology within the academic setting”.

Dr Rao Adidam Venkata teaches at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  He is awarded “Guardian Life Premium Teaching Award” and also established Pathology Museum and promotes digital Pathology for students at the Faculty. He is also a Consultant in Pathology, providing diagnostic pathology services at various hospitals.


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