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T20 Cricket to Open the Year at UWI

For Release Upon Receipt - December 21, 2017

St. Augustine

The reputation of West Indian cricketers in the realm of T20 Cricket is among the best in the world.  T20 cricket has become the premier cricketing spectacle worldwide and it is what draws the most fans everywhere globally. The University of the West Indies has long recognised it as the cricket game of our time and that is why it started hosting T20 tournaments years ago.

The sixth edition of The UWI’s National T-20 Tournament will run from January 12-20, 2018 at the Sir Frank Worrell Ground at UWI’s Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC). 

This tournament, the UWI-UNICOM, is again being run under the patronage of the legendary cricketer, Deryck Murray who addressed the launch on December 15, 2017, where the competing teams participated in the draw.

The eight teams will be:

·         Cane Farm Cricket Club     

·         Merry Boys Cricket Club                      

·         Central Sports Cricket Club

·         Powergen Cricket Club

·         Club Crusoe

·         UWI St. Augustine Cricket Club

·         Comets Cricket Club

·         Munroe Road Cricket Club

The semi-finals take place on January 18 and 19, and the finals on January 20, 2018. The schedule for the preliminary, knockout round is as follows:

·         Jan 12 – Cane Farm vs Club Crusoe

·         Jan 13 – Merry Boys vs UWI

·         Jan 15 – Powergen vs Munroe Road

·         Jan 16 – Central Sports vs Comets

All matches begin at 6.00pm. The preliminaries are free. Semis are $30 for the public and $20 for staff and students with ID. Finals are $40 for the public and $30 for staff and students with ID.