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“Landing a job as a research officer at the Central Bank of Barbados was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The training I received and the skills that were nurtured in me at that institution, particularly under the tutelage of my mentor Roland Craigwell, have proven to be invaluable. As a student I used to be at the back of the class trying to go unnoticed. Now I am at the front of the class trying my best to be noticed. It was UWI that fostered my love for economics. I hope that I can do the same thing for at least a few students.”

Mr. Winston Moore

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Winston Moore is a Lecturer in Economics at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus (2006–present). He was promoted to Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Barbados, where he was a member of the Economic Policy Committee and the Lead Economist in charge of monitoring the financial sector, all by the age of 25. He has also served as an Associate Consultant to the Barbados National Productivity Council, helping to develop the methodological approach for the National Productivity Survey. Winston Moore has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals and books. His research has appeared in major journals such as the Journal of Forecasting, Annals of Tourism Research, Applied Economics and Contemporary Economic Policy. He also writes frequently for the Business Authority, the Business Monday as well as the Barbados Economics Society’s Newsletter. Since joining the Faculty at UWI in 2006, he has also attempted to inculcate his passion for research into his students, especially the undergraduates. The most passionate students are invited to work on a paper over the summer, which usually culminates in a presentation of the work to other economists and usually their first publication. Depending on the forum for the presentation, their work (and picture) is sometimes carried in the press, making them instant celebrities with their peers.


Given all the interesting economic issues to be studied in Barbados and the Caribbean, Mr. Moore sometimes finds it difficult to restrict his research to a few key specialist areas of economics. Nevertheless, over the last few years, he has managed to focus on three major areas in economics: Industrial Economics, Tourism Economics and International Macroeconomics. In the area of Industrial Economics, he is primarily interested on how incentives have impacted on the decision-making process of firms: What structural and institutional factors impact on the export decision? What are the barriers to starting a business in Barbados? What role have tax incentives played in the growth and development of the mutual fund and credit union industries? Given the importance of tourism to the Barbadian economy, he has also devoted part of his time to the study of the industry, focusing particularly on modelling the cyclical properties of the industry.