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ADOPT Nationals Secondary Scool Competition

UWI Today, August 7, 2016



Department of Food Production partners with Ministry for training

UWI Today, August 7, 2016



Planting Digital Seeds

UWI Today, August 7, 2016





Projects in the News

  1. Prof. John Agard - Economic Value of the Caroni Swamp

  2. Dr. Denise Beckles - The Guanapo Landfill Project

  3. Prof. Pathmanathan Umaharan - Competitiveness of Cocoa Project

  4. Prof. Christine Carrington - The Spread of Dengue

  5. Prof. Chris Oura - Identification of Animal Influenza Viruses

  6. Dr. Govind Seepersad - The Citrus Industry in Trinidad and Tobago

  7. Dr. Margaret Bernard - AGRINeTT

  8. Dr. Asad Mohammed - Built and Cultural Heritage in East Port of Spain

  9. Dr. Benjamin Braithwaite - Heritage Languages

  10. Dr. Gershwin Davis and Dr. Nelleen Baboolal - Dementia

  11. Dr. Beverly-Anne Carter - Language and Competitiveness

  12. Dr. Erouscilla Joseph - Volcanic Emissions Monitoring

  13. Dr. Priya Kissoon - Dropouts

  14. Dr. Davinder Sharma - Smart Grid Project

  15. Dr. Saravanakumar Duraisamy - AIMS

  16. Dr. Derek Chadee - Crime Victimization and Fear of Crime Survey in Trinidad
    and Tobago

  17. Dr. Sandra Celestine - Youth At Risk