March 2017

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Bigger than ever, Research Symposium hails one of its guiding lights

On April 6-7, 2017, UWI will once again host the Life Sciences Research Symposium, the annual event that has built a reputation as the showcase for the innovative and relevant research that comes out of the Department of Life Sciences. This year however is different, and for the symposium organisers, bittersweet.

In 2017 the Research Symposium has been expanded from a departmental event to an event for the entire Faculty of Science and Technology that will display research from all five of its departments through a host of oral and video presentations, as well as posters. In addition, NGOs and other organisations will have a presence at the symposium and numerous outreach activities will take place in the lead-up and during the event to engage students and other members of the public.

Unfortunately, Professor Dave Chadee renowned entomologist and parasitologist, one of the fundamental forces in the development of the Research Symposium, passed away in 2016. It was Professor Chadee who envisioned the symposium as an event for all post graduates from the Life Sciences Department after its initial incarnation in 2010 as a small research day event for graduate students and the Ministry of Housing and the Environment.

Through his efforts and those of Life Sciences Department Head Professor John Agard, and graduate programme coordinator Dr. Howard Nelson, as well as facilitation by the Housing Ministry, the first official Life Sciences Research Symposium was held in 2011.

Event organisers say Professor Chadee’s legacy continues to prosper through the growth of the symposium. The efforts of the founding academic staff and post-graduate committee members have created a symposium with over 30 undergraduate and postgraduate presentations demonstrating a broad range of topics of local and international importance which embodies the ideology of research and the mission statement of The UWI.

The Faculty of Science and Technology Research Symposium will be held from April 6 (12.30 – 7.00 pm) and 7 (9 am – 5 pm), 2017. For more information visit