March 2018

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It was the first rendition of the Old Yard at its new location at the Department for Creative and Festival Arts grounds at Cheesman Avenue in St. Augustine. And the grounds took on quite a transformation. Students pitched in to paint the facades of the buildings to look like the upper-storied verandahs of the past, with lattice-work and billowing drapes in the afternoon heat.

Patrons were pleased with the move away from the Agostini Street venue that had been home to the production since the UWI took it over nine years ago. Although the previous venue had been a cozy enough home for the countless traditional Carnival characters that roved its premises delighting and scaring patrons throughout its history, the new space is simply more accommodating.

And so, the show went on with the usual array of pierrot grenades, dames lorraines, jab molassies, minstrels, baby-dolls, gorillas (using laptops) and of course, devils – some spewing fire, some with pitchforks and bloody drool – all equally menacing, especially to the youngsters who were enthralled by the presence of the mythical creatures.

The Old Yard traditions of calypso, tamboo bamboo, brass and stick-fighting were there, as well as the mini arts and crafts market and food.

Photographer Robert Taylor was there to capture some of the moments.