March 2018

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Building better gardens

In 2017 the Business Development Unit (BDU) of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture started a series of short training courses open to the public. These courses introduced over 60 participants to food and nutrition innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities within the industry.

Targeting organizations as well as home owners, gardeners, horticulturists, landscapers, farmers, agri-entrepreneurs and interested persons at all levels, the BDU conducted six training courses between June and October, including:

  • Arboriculture: Essentials of Large Tree Management
  • Hydroponics: Construction, Operation and Management
  • Aquaponics: Food Production for the Future
  • Basic Home Gardening
  • Basics for Agri-preneurs
  • Pest Control Operator Training

The overwhelmingly positive response from participants has driven the Faculty to run a second instalment of courses. This year’s training series begins in April with all courses being run at a reduced cost. The dates and prices are as follows:

  • Aquaponics: Food Production for the Future - $2000.00 | 16th - 20th April
  • Hydroponics: Construction, Operation and Management - $1800 | 23rd – 27th April
  • Hydroponics II - $2500 | 30th April – 4th May
  • Landscape Management for Entrepreneurs - $2000 | 7th – 12th,14th May
  • Basic Home Gardening - $1500 | 22nd – 26th May
  • Composting Essentials - $1800 | 5th – 9th June

All weekday sessions run from 5.30pm to 8.30pm while Saturday sessions run from 8am to 1pm.

Additional courses will be scheduled later in the year.

You can register online via our Faculty website from March 5, 2018 or at our techAGRI Expo 2018 which runs from March 22-25. Join us for a weekend of food and nutrition security innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization. Come enjoy a Mini-Workshop as a teaser to our courses and secure your spot!

Contact: Ms. Tharā Gabriel | 662-3719 | |