August 2011

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From the Principal: The Finest of Minds

Fifty years measure something of an entry into the realm of maturity; for an institution, the experience accumulated over the years can be distilled into wisdom.

When this St. Augustine Campus crossed into that realm last year, it served to reinforce the goal that research would be our main pillar. As we retraced steps, reflected on the journey, analysed the present and projected for the future, it was possible to refresh our minds as to the enormity of our responsibility.

One of the initiatives of the 50th anniversary celebrations was an attempt to identify some of the marvellous research that has taken place here at St. Augustine over five decades. A book, “Decades of Research: UWI St. Augustine at 50,” was produced under the editorial eye of Professor Patricia Mohammed, the Campus Co-ordinator of Graduate Studies and Research. As I have said in the publication, it “encapsulates in a succinct way the wealth of institutional research, intellectual engagement and scholarly activities of our professoriate.” Accompanied by a fascinating historical film directed by Prof Mohammed and Francesca Hawkins, “An Oasis of Ideas,” it is a splendid account of our accomplishments.

And as we celebrate the decades of research, I would like to pay tribute to someone who was a superb exemplar of the highest quality of academic rigour and commitment, Professor Julian Kenny, who spent almost three decades of his life being of service to the Department of Life Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture. His contributions have been so many and so wide ranging – as teacher, as environmentalist, as a scientist well known for his work in zoology, as a public voice on issues of national importance, and as a tireless campaigner for doing the right thing – he represented all the ideals to which this University strives, and we are forever grateful to have had this beacon in our midst.

Clement K. Sankat
Pro Vice Chancellor & Principal


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