October 2011

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A degree in insurance and risk management

“Although a degree in Insurance and Risk Management is not required to work in the industry, the reality of the market place is that first degrees (at least) have become a non-negotiable,” said Prof Surendra Arjoon at the launch of the BSc in Insurance and Risk Management at the St. Augustine Campus of The UWI on October 14.

Prof Arjoon, Head of the Department of Management Studies, noted that in the US alone, 36 colleges and universities are currently offering a Bachelor’s degree in this field.

Developed by the Faculty of Social Sciences in partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute (TTII) and the local insurance industry, the new programme aims to provide students with analytical and problem-solving skills for addressing complex issues in the insurance sector; leadership skills to meet local, regional and global challenges that may arise; and the academic foundation to pursue postgraduate studies in a related discipline.

“Over the years, the UWI has moved toward a stakeholder approach to governance in responding to the needs and requirements of the business and wider society.” In this regard, said Prof Arjoon, as part of its Strategic Plan, “the Department is setting up an advisory board which will comprise key players in the business sector so that together we can better respond to their needs in the designing and executing of curricula and training programmes.”

The launch was attended by Minister of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education, Fazal Karim, and was also addressed by Dr. Hamid Ghany, Dean of The UWI’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Errol Simms, Deputy Dean of Planning and Programming at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Clement Sankat, Pro Vice Chancellor and St. Augustine Campus Principal, and Douglas Camacho, Chairman of the Board of Governors, TTII.