October 2017

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At The UWI, matriculation refers to the criteria establishing the educational requirements for entry into any programme offered by its Faculties.

“Applicants who have been accepted to a programme of study at The UWI would have exceeded the matriculation criteria and are therefore said to have “matriculated” into The University of the West Indies. Matriculation, as described above, should not to be confused with the matriculation ceremony, which in true Caribbean style is often abbreviated to just “matriculation.” This is held every year at The UWI and, unlike its Oxford counterpart, is not mandatory,” said the St. Augustine Campus Principal, Professor Brian Copeland, in this space in our last issue.

The matriculation ceremony, nonetheless, was held on September 21, 2017, at SPEC (Sport and Physical Education Centre). Among the rituals, is the symbolic signing of the student register, witnessed by the Campus Registrar, and a general welcome to students as they begin their journey at The UWI.

Photos: Keyon James.