May 2017

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Walking the walk

“LOVE Walk: Talk to meh.” This was the way the Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD), headed by Dr. Deirdre Charles, wanted to emphasize to staff and students that The UWI St. Augustine is more than a university campus – it is a community.

So on April 13, many members of this community locked arms figuratively and with their handmade posters like compassionate parasols under the blazing midday sun, spread the word that no one has to suffer alone.

The Campus Principal, Professor Brian Copeland; Deputy Principal, Professor Rhoda Reddock; Director of Student Services and Development, Dr. Deirdre Charles; Director of Marketing and Communications, Dr. Dawn-Marie De Four-Gill; and Guild of Students President, Jonathan Nahous joined the walkers to share the love.

The DSSD looks after students as its first priority, but there are many other support services available:

  • Division of Student Services and Development
    Dr. Deirdre Charles – Director, Student Services and Development; 662-2002 ext. 82096, 82097, 82099

  • Student Development
    Dr. Jacqueline Huggins – Manager, Student Life and Development; 662-2002 ext 83866, 83921, 83923

  • Financial Assistance
    Mr. Chandar Gupta Supersad – Manager, Financial Advisory Services; 662-2002 ext. 82360, 82100, 84185

  • Housing (On & Off Campus)
    Mr. Kevin Snaggs – Manager, Accommodation Office; 662-2002 ext. 82387, 82368, 82256

  • Career Advice
    Ms. Kathy-Ann Lewis – Manager, Careers, Co-curricular & Community Engagement; 662-2002 ext. 84187, 82098, 82322

  • Health Services
    Dr. Neil Singh – Head, Health Services Unit; 662-2002 ext 82149, 82152

  • Counselling
    Dr. Sarah Chin Yuen Kee – Manager, Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS); 662-2002 ext. 82491

  • Campus Security Services Hotline: 662-4123

For further information on any student services please visit: Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD) - Student Administration Building (Lloyd Braithwaite Building)