May 2017

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The Mixed Methods International Research Association, MMIRA, was founded to advance discussions and understanding of mixed methods. Its role is to engage the international community in advancing knowledge, ideas, and practices related to mixing methods. Mixing methods embracing multiple ways of knowing and celebrating differences in approaches. The MMIRA has sought to promote discussion among diverse global communities about understandings regarding complex problems in health, education and social sciences. Ultimately, it seeks to encourage discussion of concerns related to methodological dilemmas arising from mixing methods with diverse axiologies and epistemologies.

With leadership and support from renowned researches and authors such as Professors John Creswell, Burke Johnson, and Tony Onwuegbuzie, The UWI has launched a Caribbean chapter. Here, concerns and indigenous knowledge to the Caribbean context can be explored more fully and will build capacity in methods among the regional academic community. Led by Dr. Loraine Cook, School of Education, Mona, and championed by Laila Boiselle, School of Education, St. Augustine; this chapter is set to bring closer the four campuses of the UWI. Founding members and affiliates are from the Mona, Cave Hill, and St. Augustine campuses, as well as St. Lucia, Belize and Guyana.

Mixed methods involve the judicious mixing of quantitative and qualitative paradigms to better answer research problems. The School of Education, St. Augustine is leading mixed methods research at the campus through a RDI funded STEM project. This project focuses on the use of games in Mathematics and Science at selected primary schools. An embedded concurrent intervention design incorporating quantitative and qualitative elements has been adopted and has already revealed positive results in terms of student achievement data. Observations of classrooms, videos, photos, and teacher interviews and perception questionnaires add richness to the data collected and allows for meaningful data interpretation.

Vimala Judy Kamalodeen is a founding member of the Mixed Methods International Research Association Caribbean Chapter.