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Within five months
of being appointed Director of
Cricket for the West Indies Cricket Board, Richard Pybus
presented a cricket system review and plan. His report on
the health of the game, and his proposals for its recovery
was submitted in March 2014, a year ago. The WICB
accepted 19 of his 20 recommended goals and actions,
deferring the one dealing with professionalization of the
first class game. His overall costing for the exercise was
just over US$4.5 million. Among his proposals were the
ProposedWest Indies Cricket Board/TeamVision
Team Windies – To Be The Number One Cricket Team In
the World – All Formats
Win World Cups – Short Format
Sport of Choice for the Caribbean
Favourite Team in the Caribbean
Favourite Sports Stars In the Caribbean
Top Cricket Athletes in the World
Proposed Mission
The Mission of theWest Indies Cricket Team is to become
the Number One Cricket Team in the world through
setting and achieving world class standards of cricket
excellence in management, preparation, training and
playing, on and off the field of play. This includes world
class standards of excellence in physical, technical, mental
and strategic preparation.
Proposed Goals of theWest Indies Cricket Team:
Long term Goal (eight years):
West Indies becoming the number one team in Test
cricket. Eight years is two world cup cycles.
Short Term Goals:
To Achieve a Top Four Position
in ICC Test rankings – 5 Years
Win 2014 World Twenty20
Winning the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup (ODI)
Win 2016 World Twenty20
Pybus proposed that within the short term (1-3 months),
there should be, inter alia:
Acceptance of a ‘No Compromise Principle’ on Cricket
Excellence to guide and inform clear and transparent
decisionmaking, focusing upon the necessary standards
and benchmarks of cricket operations, selection and
performance to achieve the West Indies Vision of being
the Number One side in world cricket. This reinforces
excellence in process and outcomes, rejectingmediocrity
and inferior performance.
Acceptance of a ‘Team Windies First’ principle in the
prioritisation of the international teamas the central focal
point of the TBs in West Indies Cricket.
Prioritisation of Test Cricket as the pinnacle ofWest Indies
Cricket and its protection through priority teamselection
and strategic scheduling.
Structured Cricket Programme:
International and Domestic
To provide strategy and structure to grow and develop
the First Class and International teams by managing the
amount of International and Domestic cricket played
annually. Goal: 10 Tests per annum, ODIs 15-20 Games
per annum, 5-10 T20s per Annum. All sides, West Indies
and First Class to be given adequate preparation time for
tournaments and preseason preparation.
National level camps: 10‐14 day camps to acclimatise
and prepare adequately for all competitions to maintain
standards of excellence throughout first class and
International cricket.
Domestic Fixtures signedoffwell in advance of the season
for players to plan and organise commitments andmake
playing/training arrangements.
National Players playing, training and recovery calendar
to be controlled by HNS (Head of National Selection) and
WI Head Coach with a view to optimal performance and
Team Culture, Induction and Heritage
Team Culture: Introduce an Induction Process to the
National TeamCulture, its history, its values and traditions.
TheNational TeamtoVision, Mission and establish its Core
Values. Identify and prioritise its standards of excellence
on and off the field. Establish panel of formerWest Indies
Captains to carry out induction process andbe custodians
of this Cricket Wisdom, Values and Traditions.
Create aTeamCulture of humility, generosity and service
to the region, cricket and each other.
Ideal West Indies Cricket Team Squad
West Indies Squad – 30 Players
Two Squads of 15 ‐Senior & A side Identified
Built on competition for places, intensity of focus
10 Fast bowlers international quality
4 Spinners
4 All-rounders
2 Wicket Keepers‐Batters
10 Batters – By Role
WI Optimal Cricket System:
Professional First Class Cricket
Establish Professional Cricket in West Indian First Class
Cricket as the foundation of producing elite cricketers for
West Indies International teams. Professional First Class
Cricket as a defined step in the player pathway to theWest
Indies International side.
To contract 75 Professional Cricketers on an initial 12
month contract to offer them a living wage. Excludes the
15 players on WICB Retainer Contracts.
Establish a Full Domestic Cricket Season of six months in
duration to provide enough first class cricket to produce
elite players for the West Indies International team and
to provide entertainment and excellence for the local
cricket fan base.
All teams to have a professional coach supported by
physio and/or conditioning coach and game analyst.
The Pybus Plan
TeamWindies First
Game analyst can be shared between teams.
For professional franchise first class cricket to be the
breeding ground of the West Indies Team through
domestic cricket excellence of world class standard.
First classmatches tobeplayedat grounds of International
standards – wickets and nets. Six first class sides, strength
vs strength, representing the TBs. Funding of these sides
to be the priority focus of WICB and the TBs to allow
professional cricketers the opportunity of achieving the
levels of performance that warrant selection to theWest
Indies Team. Affording the players the opportunity to
make a living in the region as a professional cricketer.
Coaching: Talent Development
Appoint a WICB Coaching Manager: To oversee the
development and roll out of allWICB coaching programs
and initiatives throughout the territories.
A standardised Caribbean philosophy andmethodology
of coaching relevant to the cricket culture of the region,
including the reviewandupdating of the coaching syllabi,
levels and continuous education programs to ensure
coaches are up to datewith game development, skills and
knowledge to develop ‘World Class’ players and Teams.
Former International Players:
Coaching and Mentoring
Elite Coaches Pathway: Identify former and current players
to put on an accelerated elite coaching pathway to certify
and assist them to come through to coach at schools, first
class and international cricket.
Establish database of former players who can mentor
players and participate in coaching initiatives/camps/
schools coaching and talks.
Identify former and current players to certify as coaches
to be available to coach at all levels of the game.
Common Vision and Goals for WIPA andWICB
WIPA andWICBworkshopMOU to takeWest Indies Cricket
toNumber One in theWorld. Seek to create an IPLWindow
for national player’s participation.
TheWest Indies Cricket System Report Goals &
Actions Summary – Approved by Board of Directors
can be found at
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