WOW Registration

Final Year Students - Register today!


Final year students, it is not too late to participate in the WOW events. Visit the WOW registration booths at your respective faculties to register.

Registration is ONLY for persons who attended one of the resume writing workshops.

Registration runs from Monday 20th January to Thursday 30th January, 2014, at the following venues:

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm


          •                    Frank Stockdale

•                    Student Advisory Services

•                    LRC Lobby

•                    Lobby at Daaga Auditorium

•                    Engineering Undercroft

•                    Front of Education Library from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

•                    Medical Sciences Library Entrance

•                    Alma Jordan Library Entrance

•                    Under the tent at the Student Activities Centre

Visit the WOW registration booths at your respective faculty to register.
All final year students are required to register for WOW 2014 activities.

You must bring the WOW 2014 "Passport" to gain entry to all WOW events.

First and second year students can only participate in the first day of the WOW Recruitment Fair which is being held on Thursday 20th March, 2014.