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Access your Drupal website from off-campus

The process for website editors and publishers to get access to their (test or live) Drupal websites to make changes is as follows:

  1. Request approval from your Dean/Director/Head of Department for VPN access to edit your website from off-campus
  2. Request the Dean/Director/Head of Department also send the approval email to the CIO, and
  3. Once CITS approved, your respective LAN/IT Administrator will be contacted to setup your VPN access
  4. Liaise with your respective LAN/IT Administrator to get VPN access
  5. Verify you can connect to 
  6. Load your site homepage while connected to VPN
    • If you're unable to confirm 5 and 6, liaise with your IT/LAN Administrator to resolve
  7. Access your site login page
  8. Login to your site and make changes as needed
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