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Summer School

Welcome to the summer school website for the UWI St. Augustine Campus. Here you can find information about registering for summer school individual courses offered by all Faculties.

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General Information

The Summer School Session will be held during the period May 20 – July 12, 2013

Students who register in the Summer School are subject to all University and Faculty Regulations and General Regulations for students.  

Students are reminded that the Summer School Session is OPTIONAL

A PR Hold is placed on the account of continuing students to ensure fees are paid before registration. Students are required to submit proof of payment in order to obtain financial clearance to facilitate registration.
For further information regarding fee visit our website:

Registration in the summer session 2012/2013 will carry a non refundable registration fee of TT$100.00 per faculty.

Late Registration fee/Late Payment Penalty of TT$150 is applied PLUS non-refundable Registration fee of TT$100

Courses not dropped by the stipulated deadline will be counted and the student would be billed accordingly. 

Academic Integrity

Students have the responsibility to know and observe the Regulations of The University of the West Indies and Faculty.  Additionally, the regulations prohibit plagiarism, falsification of information and academic dishonesty. All regulations are in force during the Summer School Session.