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Centre for Gender and Development Studies

The work of the Centre for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) is threefold, comprising teaching, research and outreach. Campus units are headed by competent academics who act as coordinators of the Centre’s interdisciplinary undergraduate courses, and also teach in its programmes. The courses offered at undergraduate level are designed for personal enhancement and to provide a more holistic understanding and professional training in the field of Gender and Development, or other related activity.


Professor Rhoda Reddock or Ms. Glenda Ottley


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undergraduate degree programmes

The Centre offers two minors in collaboration with other faculties:

  • Minor in Gender Studies (a Humanities based minor)
  • Minor in Gender & Development Studies (an applied policy-oriented minor based in the Social Sciences)

These minors may be combined with other majors and minors, for example, Agriculture, Literatures in English, Sociology, Management Studies, Visual Arts and Psychology.
CGDS staff also teach and have full responsibility for the following undergraduate courses:

  • Faculty of Humanities & Education

    Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge Feminist Theoretical Frameworks
    Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean

  • Faculty of Social Sciences

    Gender and Development with reference to the Caribbean Sex, Gender and Society: Sociological Perspectives

In addition to courses taught by Centre staff in various faculties, the Centre works with Associate Staff and others in facilitating gender related courses in their departments. Courses taught by CGDS Associate Staff:
  • Faculty of Humanities & Education

    Department of Liberal Arts
    French Caribbean Women Writers
    African American Women’s Literature
    Caribbean Women Writers
    Women in Hispanic Literature
    Language, Gender and Sex
    Language, Gender and Society
    Department of History
    Women, Gender and the History of the English-Speaking Caribbean

  • Faculty of Science & Agriculture

    Gender Issues in Agriculture
    Gender and Science
Students from any discipline, especially those intending to do postgraduate studies in Gender and Development are encouraged to take either one of the minors. Those intending to or work in the field of Gender and Development are encouraged to take the minor in Gender and Development. Students from other disciplines unable to take gender-related minors have the option of taking gender-related courses offered within or outside of their faculty. CGDS also offers a Certificate in Gender and Development by Distance, which is administered through the Regional Coordinating Unit on the Mona campus of The University of the West Indies.