Academic Qualifications Required for Admission


Normal Matriculation

(a) Passes in five subjects of which at least two must be at theCAPE/GCE A'level while the remainder may be an acceptable pass in CXC(CSEC)/GCE/BGCSE examinations. The following are acceptable :

  • Two 2-unit CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination)
  • Six CAPE units including Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies.

(b) Other Qualifications To Full-Time Programmes

  • Associate Degrees from approved Caribbean tertiary level institutions with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and above. Some faculties/programmes may require a higher GPA.
  • Holders of Associate Degrees from approved Caribbean tertiary level institutions are considered as having satisfied normal matriculation requirements for entry to certain faculties and in specific instances credit/exemption may be given in respect of Level Ii courses.
  • For the purpose of satisfying entry requirements, passes in subjects in the First Year examinations of the Faculties of Humanities and Education and Social Sciences and in Preliminary Level courses of the Faculties of Science and Technology of this University will be considered as the equivalent passes at the Advanced Level of the GCE examination.
  • Degrees from any university recognized by the Board of Undergraduate studies for this purpose.
  • Persons with qualifications other than those stated above may also apply for admission.
  • Persons over age 21 and who do not fall in any of the above categories will be assessed on their overall professional/academic achievements.

Lower Level Matriculation

At least five (5) acceptable passes at CXC(CSEC)/GCE/BGCSE including English Language and one of the following; a Foreign Language, Mathematics, an approved Science subject ; Geography.

  • For the Faculties of Science and Technology, Mathematics and two (2) approved Science subjects are required.
  • For the Faculty of Social Sciences, Mathematics is required.


The following lists the subjects which cannot be counted together for matriculation purposes:

  • Additional Mathematics with either Applied Mathematics or Pure Mathematics at A - Level.
  • Further Mathematics with Applied Mathematics at O - Level or A - Level.
  • Mathematics (Pure and Applied) with Pure Mathematics or Applied Mathematics at GCE A - Level with Mathematics at CXC General Proficiency Level.
  • Physics-with-Chemistry with Physics, or with Chemistry or with General Science, or with Additional General Science.
  • General Science or Additional General Science or Integrated Science with Physics, or with Chemistry, Physics-with-Chemistry, Botany, Biology, Rural Biology, or with Zoology.
  • Botany with Biology, General Biology or Rural Biology.
  • Zoology with Biology, General Biology or Rural Biology.
  • Biology with Zoology, General Biology or Rural Biology.
  • Mechanics with Additional Mathematics. (For the purpose of overlap with A - Level subjects, Mathematics should be treated as if its title were Applied Mathematics.
  • A - Level in Physical Science may count in place of one but not both A - Levels in Physics and Chemistry.
  • Agricultural Science with Biology, Rural Biology, Botany, Zoology, General Science or Additional General Science.
  • Engineering Science with Physics or Physics-with-Chemistry.
  • Commerce with Economics.
  • Accounting with Principles of Accounts.
  • Metalwork with Woodwork.

Approved Science subjects atGCE A - Level Applied Mathematics, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physical Science*, Physics, Pure Mathematics, Zoology.
*cannot be offered with Physics or Chemistry.

Equivalent Qualifications Accepted for Matriculation Purposes

  • Association Of Accounting Tutors (AAT) Level III
  • Association of Business Executives (A.B.E.) U.K. Diploma And Advanced Diploma
  • British Technicians Education Council (BTE) U.K. National Certificates/Diplomas
  • City And Guilds - U.K. Ordinary Technician Diploma In Building
  • Civil Engineering Or Construction
  • Fellow Of The Life Management Institute (FLMI) Certificate/Diploma
  • London Chamber Of Commerce (L.C.C.I.) Pass At StageII (60-74%) (Restricted To One Or Two Subjects In Determining Matriculation Status)
  • Professional Secretaries International Association, U.S.A. Certified Professional Secretary Qualification
  • Royal Society Of Arts (R.S.A.) U.K. Stage II Pass (60-74%) (Restricted To One Or Two Subjects In Determining Matriculation Status)
Overseas Entrance Qualifications
  • Holders of the Ontario Secondary School Honours Graduation Diploma (OSSHGD) awarded after Grade   13, OR
  • The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) awarded since June 1986, with an overall grade of at least 60*;
  • Holders of the French or the International Baccalaureate*;
  • Holders of the German Abitur*.
  • An acceptable high school transcript [Grade 12] with a minimum GPA of 3.0, plus an acceptable SAT I score (minimum of 1700) plus a minimum of two 2 SAT II subjects at a score of 500 or above OR
  • Successful completion of Advanced Placement Courses OR
  • The International Baccalaureate programme.
  • For students to qualify as lower level matriculants they need to present an acceptable high school transcript [Grade 12] with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and an acceptable SAT I score (minimum of 1500).

*Note: Faculty specific requirements apply.

  • Barbados Community College (BCC) various Certificates And Diplomas (Please check with the college)
  • Barbados Institute of Management (BIMAP) Diploma In Management Studies
  • College Of Agriculture, Jamaica Associateship in Science A.Sc.
  • College Of The Bahamas - Associate Degree - Grade Point Average Minimum Of 2.5; Associate Degree In Business Studies; Diploma In Social Sciences
  • Grenada National College Associate Degree In Science
  • Joint Services Staff College Diploma
  • National Institute Of Higher Education Research Science And Technology (NIHERST) Higher National Diploma in Computer Studies
  • National Union of Co-Operative Societies (NUCS) - Jamaica Cooperative Societies Certificate
  • Royal Bank Institute Of Business And Technology (ROYTEC) Associate Degree
  • School Of Continuing Studies. Consult your resident representative for information on accepted programmes
  • School of Medical Radiation And Technology, Jamaica Diploma
  • St. John's College, Belize Associate Degree In Arts And Science
  • Teacher Training College Of Trinidad And Tobago - Teachers Diploma With Course Entitled ‘English Literacy Studies’ (Entry to Faculty of Humanities & Education Only)
  • Trinidad And Tobago National Technician Diplomas (NEC) (With A Pass Of 65%) - Land Surveying Technician Diploma; Civil Engineering Technician Diploma; Electrical Engineering Technician Diploma
  • University Centre, Antigua in Association with the St. Vincent University, Halifax Nova Scotia. Certificate In Early Childhood Education

The University may accept in complete or partial satisfaction of the General Entrance Requirements a large number of other qualifications from tertiary institutions in Trinidad and Tobago and overseas offered by students. Candidates with such qualifications are considered individually so typical offers cannot be quoted in this guide.

Remember, if you possess such qualifications, you must request that a copy of your transcript be forwarded directly to the Admissions Section by March 31 of the year you wish to enter.