Online Application Instructions

You can apply directly to the St. Augustine Campus online at


1.   You can indicate FOUR (4) PROGRAM CHOICES on your online application.
      After selecting your first choice, you may select a second, third, and fourth choice by clicking the NEXT PROGRAM button and choosing the programme.

2.   When making the selection of Application Type, select one of the following:
      •     New Undergraduate Full-time
      •     New Undergraduate Part-time
      •     New Undergraduate Evening
      Persons applying for admission via Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC), St. Kitts, Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (STVGCC), St. Vincent, under “Application Type” select one of the following:
      •     New Undergraduate CFBC
      •     New Undergraduate SALCC
      •     New Undergraduate STVGCC

3.   Fill out all the required fields (marked with *).  If you leave any of the required fields blank, the system will return an error message when you attempt to submit your application.

4.   Your Confirmation Receipt would only be valid if you have fully completed your online application and the Confirmation Receipt is submitted by the specified deadline

5.    We cannot return or give you copies of any part of your application transcripts, translations, letters of recommendations or supporting material nor will we forward any part of your application or supporting material to a third party. 

6.   The Office of Admissions does not release any information except to the applicant and does not give admission decisions by telephone or fax.  This policy helps to protect the confidentiality of every applicant.

7.  If you call the Office of Admissions about the status of your application, please ensure that you have allowed time for the materials sent to arrive and be processed. Please understand that the volume of applications and phone calls may prevent us from verifying, while on the phone, that a particular item has been received and filed in your application. Please allow sometime for us to contact you.

8.   If you wish to apply to another UWI Campus as a Campus of Second Choice you must visit, select the campus to which you wish to apply and follow the instructions given.

9.   Applicants for Bachelor in Education (BEd), Evening University programmes, and mature applicants must submit details of Work History, together with two (2) letters of recommendation and the required supporting documents.

10.  If you hold dual citizenship you should clearly indicate under which nationality you wish to be considered as you will NOT be permitted to change your status after an offer of a place has been made and accepted.
      Note: This has no bearing on your application but is needed for determining the fees payable.

11.  If you hold dual citizenship you MUST also submit documentary evidence to support the status under which you wish to be considered.

12.  The submission of documents in support of applications or the applications themselves, for admission and/or registration that are forged, fraudulent, altered from the original, obtained under false pretences, or otherwise deceptive is prohibited. See section on DOCUMENTS REQUIRED and Important Notes re: TRANSCRIPTS & CERTIFICATES.

13.  If you wish to live on a Hall of Residence, please see the section on HOUSING ON CAMPUS.