Blended Learning


Blended learning is an approach to teaching and learning which combines face-to-face classroom instruction with technologically assisted activities and applications. Rather than the arbitrary use of technology in education, blended or hybrid learning is the planned, appropriate and effective use of technology tools and applications to enhance teaching and learning. The St. Augustine Campus has embarked upon a blended learning thrust intended to “promote the use of ICT’s to enhance teaching” (UWI’s Strategic Plan 2007-2012 page 14). This thrust is outlined in the document entitled Blended Learning Policy of the St. Augustine Campus. The definition of Blended learning adopted by the St. Augustine campus is “an integrated and planned approach to teaching and learning that appropriately combines face-to-face and online strategies and technologies to advance student-centred learning.” Policy documents are available here. To facilitate the blended learning thrust, CETL administers several technology-based training workshops. CETL has also created a Youtube channel where interested persons can access instructional videos on various topics related to Blended Learning.