Guiding Principles

Our Philosophy

The CETL is dedicated to quality service in the areas of teaching, learning and scholarship on the St. Augustine campus. The support and services we provide are guided by the following principles:

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The CETL is committed to the maintenance and enhancement of academic standards, which facilitate innovation and efficiency in teaching and learning, commensurate with the vision and mission of the Centre and the University.

The CETL will promote teaching and learning that is student focused, transformative and developmental.  This is in keeping with the belief that teachers who are creative and knowledgeable in their fields and who operate in a dynamic learning environment where students are engaged, facilitate excellence in teaching and learning.


There is synergy between scholarship and teaching.  Scholarship is integral to the promotion of inspired teaching.  Scholarship guides teaching and learning, by creating a culture of evidence.  It provides a constant source of relevant information, which can be used and shared, and which contributes to critical reflection in which practice is grounded.  We thus believe that effective teaching practice is grounded in the research of good scholarship.


Quality service must be delivered in a timely and efficient manner.  The CETL must respond to the academic needs within the cultural milieu of the institution and the wider society.  This is with the goal of transforming and enhancing the performance and effectiveness of constituents and stakeholders.


The CETL will keep abreast of developments in education, including educational technology, and will guide and encourage the use of creative, progressive approaches to teaching, and learning.

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