Course/Programme Approval


Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of Course/Programme Documentation

  1. Course documentation should be done on letter-sized (8 ½ x 11) pages.
  2. The document should be typed in Times New Roman or Bookman Old Style 12pt using single line spacing.  The font colour should be black.
  3. Margins should be one inch on either side.
  4. All pages should be numbered.  It is suggested that the “insert page number” feature in MS Word be used for numbering.
  5. The Course Outline Template 2014 has been provided to get you started.  Sections denoted by an asterisk (*) must be completed.  Please delete the headings of the non-compulsory sections that you do not use.
  6. Submissions in MS Word should be e-mailed to  Please ensure that the subject of your email is appropriately titled.

For further information, please contact the Centre at