Student Evaluation of Courses and Lecturers (SECL) 


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What is SECL?

The Student Evaluation of Courses and Lecturers (SECL) system commenced at the UWI St Augustine campus in the 2010-2011 academic year. The evaluation process is implemented by the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and is scheduled for each semester.

The purpose of the SECL system is to provide feedback to Lecturers and other relevant staff members on students’ classroom and/or learning experiences and learning opportunities as can be garnered from their perceptions. Each Lecturer is individually evaluated and feedback reports are provided on the students’ course experiences to him/her as well as the Head of Department (HOD) and the Dean of the Faculty.

The SECL system is a strategic tool for Lecturers who should use the feedback information to improve students’ learning opportunities and address student matters in their teaching that impact student learning. It is anticipated that HODs, and in some cases, Deans will provide Lecturers with the requisite assistance and guidance to improve students’ learning experiences.

SECL Online System

The SECL process is executed using a specialized software called CoursEval. This has fully replaced the traditional paper-based version in Academic Year 2016/2017. All Deans, HODs, Teaching staff, Department administrators and registered students are provided with CoursEval user accounts where they can login and access their respective content each semester.

The CETL is responsible for the processing of all questionnaires and submits reports to the relevant Lecturer, his/her HOD and the Dean through CoursEval, as agreed at the meeting of Extended Campus Management Committee held on 11th, September, 2011.

The SECL Process

The SECL process is initiated by the electronic submission of questionnaires to students for each course, which they complete to indicate their perceptions about their course experience and view of their course lecturer. The SECL process usually commences in the third week of the semester and engages the CETL staff well into the following semester.

It involves obtaining lists of all courses being offered by each Department/Faculty, assigned Lecturers, numbers of students in each course and other relevant data. This information is obtained from the Departments and is considered extremely important. If a Department supplies incorrect information, then this will reflect in the Lecturers reports and the courses they teach.

Use of the SECL Reports

The SECL reports can be most effectively used for developmental purposes primarily aimed at helping Lecturers develop their teaching skills and personal attributes which impact teaching effectiveness. These include communication efficacy, student engagement, and creation of facilitating learning environments.

On using the feedback provided in the SECL reports, following these suggestions will not only impact the quality of student learning experiences at the institution, but will also address steps in the quality assurance process that distinguishes The UWI as a higher education institution of best practice in teaching and learning.

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