Certificate in Teaching and Learning (CUTL)

Programme Summary

There are at least two fundamental changes occurring in universities around the world. One is the greater diversity in the pool of students attending university.  The second is the fact that, increasingly, societies that support universities are demanding that they engage in a process of transforming these students, with the extent of transformation indicated by the ability of university students to achieve a desired set of learning outcomes by the conclusion of their period of study. Given the dynamic changes in enrolment demographics in recent years and this focus on learning outcomes, rather than the more traditional role of university teaching which concentrated on information dissemination from lecturer to student, it is imperative that Faculty members are versed in instructional strategies that address this paradigmatic shift from teacher-centred to learner-centred.


This programme is designed to meet the need for members of academic staff to be exposed to learning strategies and approaches required to be effective in educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world. The programme aims to target four essential modules: Teaching and Learning, Assessment for Higher Education, Advancing Teaching with Technology, and Reflective Teaching for Learning. Specifically, the reflection module is aimed at fostering sustainability of the learner-centred paradigm.


There are no prerequisite courses required before entering the programme.  Completion of CUTL5001 is required before enrolment in CUTL 5104 and CUTL 5106.  CUTL 5207 may be taken concurrently with any of the courses.  All four courses must be completed for award of the certificate.

Target Group

The UWI Certificate in University Teaching and Learning is designed for newly hired UWI teaching staff without prior training in university teaching. However, other members of the staff may apply.