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What is the difference between online and blended learning?

The online learning environment relies on computers connected to the internet. Responsibility for learning shifts primarily to the learners. To this end, the teacher’s role is to guide learners, using a variety of online strategies, while providing them with clear instructions to assignments or tasks that compliment and ultimately accomplish the established course learning objectives.

In an online course, there is 100% online course delivery with little or no face-to-face sessions. By contrast, blended learning is a mix of face-to-face teaching and the online approach. Students in such a course not only have the convenience of learning and revising at their individual pace but each student has the benefit of interacting in face-to-face sessions. Blended learning, therefore, provides the best of both worlds for students and lecturers alike as participants are granted the hands-on experience of the face-to-face class as well as the convenience and flexibility of the online environment.

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