Co-Curricular Courses Offered


This course is designed to give First Aiders the knowledge, critical skills and techniques in responding confidently and efficiently when managing emergency situations in the first few minutes until emergency medical responders arrive. Students will learn the basics of First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation (AED), all of which is essential for survival in emergency situations. See more


COCR 1037 - Defensive Driving (Theory)

Defensive Driving The Defensive driving training Course is a highly interactive course with the goal of providing drivers with practical knowledge and techniques to avoid collisions and violations.

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COCR 1040 - 1044 - Microsoft Office 2016

microsoft This course aims to help students to improve their desktop computing skills, learn tools and techniques to present better papers and other assignments, become more marketable by gaining internationally recognized professional certification and be better prepared for the working world. See more


COCR 1001 - Minding SPEC: Exploring Sports, Physical Education and Health & Wellness

This course allows students to receive credits for participating in scheduled sport activities at the Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC). Students become members of sporting groups and may also participate at the technical level as assistant coaches, trainers etc. See more


COCR 1012 - Workplace Protocol for Students

This is a professional self-development course offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, which aims to provide the "behavioural competencies" that would enable students to close the gap between the social/workplace skills that they may not have, and those that are required for success and prominence in today's global organizations. See more


COCR 1030 - Technology Literacy

Technology Literacy will serve as the introductory course to the IT Academy's existing Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) courses for students who struggle for lack of computer skills. This course aims to equip students who are uncomfortable with technology with the requisite skills and practice necessary to utilize UWI's student systems effectively, perform basic functions on a computer and feel more comfortable with technology in everyday life. See more


COCR 1038 - Microsoft Project 2013

Microsoft Project This course offers training in basic skills at the Core-level Microsoft Project 2013. Materials covered will include at least 80% of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Project 2013 enabling students to navigate Microsoft Project 2013 software at the feature and functionality level.The core level user should be able to use Microsoft Project 2013 to develop professional-looking plans, assigning task, track progress, and manage budgets and analysing workloads for a variety of purposes and situations.

This course will be run each semester and will be available to all Undergraduate students. The time frame for this course will be 36 hours involving tutoring, Microsoft ELearning, myeLearning, in- class exercises and practice sessions. MOS certification.

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COCR 1031 - Managing My High (MY High): Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviours (Not Offered)

high The use of alcohol and recreational drugs is considered a social norm but can have negative effects on an individual's physical, mental, emotional and sexual health, impairing success in school or work. This course provides students with practical skills to make healthy choices about alcohol and drug use. Students learn to recognize when common recreational behaviours become problematic. Case discussions are used to understand alcohol and drug misuse, and addiction to behaviours like internet use, gambling, and pornography. Students will also engage in basic assertiveness training, stress management and refusal skills. With the knowledge gained in this course, and exposure to stress management approaches, students will be encouraged to develop healthy coping and make lifestyle changes consistent with good mental health. See more




COCR 1047: Defensive Driving Simulation

Driving Simulation

Defensive Driving Simulation is a practical course that instructs drivers in the techniques, skills and attitude required to safely operate a vehicle. Hands-on practice using a mobile, high fidelity, virtual reality simulator supplements theoretical instruction. The student has to complete COCR 1037 - Defensive Driving (theory) to be eligible for registration of this course. See more


COCR 1036 - Ethics And Integrity: Building Moral Competencies

ethics logoThis co-curricular course is geared at infusing professional competence and personal integrity through the practice of ethical principles and moral virtues so that one would value the importance of doing the right thing. Principles and virtues are the two sides of the same coin that form the basis for sound ethical decision-making and excellent performance. See more


COCR 1045: Foreign Language Theatre In Performance

Living and LearningThe Foreign Language Theatre in Performance is only offered in Semester II. Students will experience the oral performative dimension of language through stage performance, and develop an appreciation for the dramatic arts as a mode of communication, a capacity for team-work and the ability to communicate effectively with foreign language speakers.
The course will prepare students for the Festival through the implementation and practice of various performing strategies, verbal and nonverbal expression techniques, as well as the understanding of both the characters and sociocultural context of a foreign language play. See more



COCR 1033 - Mind the Gap: Towards Psychological Health & Wellness

This course provides participants with practical training in basic helping skills and the assessment of certain risky behaviours. It also explores a range of common psychological health and wellness issues and familiarises participants with support services both on- and off-campus. The course provides the pre-requisite training for students to pursue fieldwork in Semester II with the Peer Counselling Association towards graduation as a UWI Peer Counsellor. The teaching component of the course comprises face-to-face lectures and workshops. Participants’ learning will be assessed by online assessment, group presentation, and individual journaling. See more


COCR 1034 - Public Speaking and Voice Training: Towards a More Confident You

This course will train the student to give effective presentations in the classroom and in other professional circumstances. It also focuses on instilling and developing confidence in the student as a speaker both in public and private interactions. The student will also receive training that will assist in refining and improving his or her voice – this will be particularly centred on correct pronunciation, projection, diction, as well as control of tone and pitch. Finally, the student will learn and practice effective presentation techniques that can improve the quality of his or her performance in a wide variety of speaking situations. See more


COCR 1013 - Financial Literacy and Training

The Financial Literacy and Training Course is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to enhance students’ financial skills as well as train them to be financial educators to low- and moderate- income individuals and families outside the financial mainstream. There is a need for university students as well as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to effectively plan ahead, monitor and be responsible in their spending. This course is geared towards educating and training UWI students, equipping them with the knowledge and tools in order to manage their own finances as well teach others how to do the same. See more


COCR 1032 - Living and Learning: Professional development through community service (Not Offered)

Living and LearningThrough service in the community and structured activities, students will have the opportunity to engage in career exploration, develop complementary skills and apply what they are learning in the classroom to the “real world.” Students will choose one of several community service opportunities that have been arranged through the Student Advisory Service’s community outreach program. If they would like to work with a program not on the list, or create their own program, they would need to submit a proposal to the instructor by the second week of the class. See more