Professional: Microsoft Office

COCR 1040 - Microsoft Office Access 2016
COCR 1041 - Microsoft Office Excel 2016
COCR 1042 - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016
COCR 1043 - Microsoft Office Word 2016

NO. OF CREDITS: Two (2) each
LEVEL: One (1)
PREREQUISITES: Technology Literacy (optional)


This course aims to help students to improve their desktop computing skills, learn tools and techniques to present better papers and other assignments, become more marketable by gaining internationally recognized professional certification and be better prepared for the working world.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Only three credits (not more and not less than three) can count as level one credits towards a degree.
  2. A student may complete one or more of these Microsoft Office 2016 courses (COCR1040 to COCR1043) throughout their Undergraduate academic life at UWI, once approved by the faculty.
  3. Registration for these courses must follow the standard Co-curricular course approval process i.e. the Banner Student Administration System.
  4. All co-curricular courses are examined through Microsoft/Certiport Computer Based Testing. These are international administered and recognized exams and certification, and are in no way determined by CITS; the same rules and regulations apply internationally for Microsoft Office 2016 certification.
  5. Upon successful completion of the examination attached to a Microsoft Office 2016 courses (COCR1040 to COCR1043), the student will receive an official certificate from Microsoft reflecting the relevant qualification.
  6. Each Microsoft Office 2016 (COCR1040 to COCR1043) examination must be completed by the final examination date set for the registered semester except in the case where students fail the exam. Then Microsoft/Certiport allows for a free/automatic re-sit which must be completed within one month from the date on which the exam was failed.
  7. Exams will be held during the semester two weeks before UWI semester exams.
  8. In the case of exam re-sits, students must notify the Microsoft IT Academy at least three days before the expiry date on their Microsoft re-sits voucher. All re-sits must be completed within the respective semester.
  9. All Microsoft Office 2016 Students must attend Orientation at the beginning of Semester.  Each student will be given an access code and guidelines to register for the Online Examination.
  10. Students registered for any Microsoft Office 2016 courses (COCR1040 to COCR1043) must attend regularly timetabled lab sessions. 
  11. All Students must check their official UWI Email accounts for all Microsoft Office 2016 Co-curricular course notices. This is the standard channel of communication with students and non-official channels will not be employed.


Proposed Modes of Instruction

  1. Laboratory – Learning Resource Centre (LRC) Computer labs
    • Two (2) hours of weekly hands on laboratory sessions
  2. Microsoft IT Academy Online Learning Program available 24/7 via internet.
  3. Online Practice Exams available 24/7 via internet.


Purpose of the Courses

To help students to:

  • Improve their desktop computing skills
  • Learn tools and techniques to better present papers and other assignments
  • Become more marketable by gaining internationally recognized professional certification
  • Be better prepared for the working world


Delivery Format

These courses follow the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) curriculum and will be delivered both face-to-face and online.

A Course Coordinator will be available to help you with any questions which you may have. All questions must be submitted online and you will receive responses via email.



  • Tutorials are specifically designed to help you pass the Microsoft Exams after you have covered all your course material. You must cover all the course material and attend the tutorials.
  • It is critical that you attend all lab sessions and tutorials to increase your chances of passing the exams. Tutorials cover the exact format of exams.


Assessment & Evaluation

  • There is one (1) exam for each course.
  • Students must complete all exams at the official Certiport Testing Centre located on the campus.
  • Exams are computer based: 59 minutes each 18 – 42 multi-part questions – Total score = 1000.
  • You may repeat a failed exam with no penalty. However, you will only be offered one re-sit per course.



Mrs. Karlene Barrow-Winter

COCR 1041: Microsoft Office Excel 2016, COCR 1043: Microsoft Office Word 2016
Microsoft IT Academy 
Campus IT Services 
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext.83222

Mrs. Chanelle Shah
COCR 1040: Microsoft Office Access 2016, COCR 1042: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 & COCR 1043: Microsoft Office Word 2016
Microsoft IT Academy 
Campus IT Services
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext. 83222

Ms. Geeta Kissoon

COCR 1030: Technology Literacy & COCR 1049: Introduction the Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud 
Campus IT Services
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext. 82440

Mr. Navin Sanathan

COCR 1043: Microsoft Office Word 2016 & COCR 1048: Microsoft Excel Expert 2019
Campus IT Services
Tel/ext: (868)-662-2002 ext. 82440

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