Financial Services in Emerging Economies: Surviving the Global Meltdown

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The third international biennial conference on Business, Banking and Finance is a forum for the exchange of ideas on critical business, banking and financial issues facing emerging economies in the context of a global financial and economic meltdown of unprecedented proportions.  Participation is open to scholars, policy makers, graduate students, professionals and all persons interested in the burning issues associated with this theme.

The conference aims to:

  1. Critically explore and share the experiences of emerging economies with respect to the appropriate business model for firms in the financial services industry, corporate governance in financial institutions, financial stability and regulation, risk management, financial integration, business competitiveness, government finances and related issues, with a view to developing  strategies for surviving the unprecedented crisis facing the global economy;
  2. Identify strategies to be pursued at both the business and governmental levels to address economic vulnerabilities and promote international competitiveness of business firms in emerging markets;
  3. Identify new strategies for business and governments to regulate financial services;
  4. Enhance understanding and collaboration between academics and leaders of business and government so as to improve the quality of decision-making on developmental issues confronting emerging economies.

Jointly Hosted by
Caribbean Centre for Money & Finance;
Department of Management Studies;
Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies.