The University of the West Indies in collaboration with First Citizens Sports Foundation presents:

Science, Higher Education and Business: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sports Studies, Research and Development


Conference Rationale

Sport and Physical Education are two (2) essential components of society’s quest for the holistic development of its members as the fields embody the concept of harnessing and developing human performance within a multidisciplinary approach. Moreover, the world continues to navigate towards a trend of healthier lifestyles and lifestyle choices that cater to maintaining or improving ones quality of life through involvement in Sport and Physical Education Programmes.


Brunken and Delly (2002) state that the strategy for sports education success is to create and nurture institutions of higher learning in the process of performance-based learning to foster servant sustainship for sports professionalization (Cook, 2012). Within this strategy, tertiary level institutions are afforded the opportunity to offer academic programmes in several disciplines dedicated to teaching, research and development, economics, management, psychology, physiology, sociology, law, etc. Furthermore, sport can (and has) been used to achieve broader social goals and is a viable professional field because of the exponential increase in the commercialization of sport combined with its varying elements.


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