The UWI South Campus - Penal/Debe


Approximately 40.5 hectares (100 acres), in the vicinity of the Debe High School, has been identified for the UWI St. Augustine South Campus.  The lands are part of a gently rolling greenfield site previously cultivated with sugarcane.  It is bound on the east by the San Fernando/Siparia/Erin Road, on the west by Papourie Road and on the south by the M2 Ring Road.

The build-out programme for the site has as its commencing phase, two projects which, of necessity, will be executed concurrently:

  • Phase 1 – PROJECT A


Nascent Development




  • Phase 1 – PROJECT B


Master Plan for the UWI St. Augustine South Campus

Phase 1 – PROJECT A: Nascent Development

Because of an urgent need to find a home for the newly expanded Faculty of Law, UWI–S.A. took the decision to allocate the signature building project at the St. Augustine South Campus to the housing of the Faculty of Law.  In support of the functioning of this faculty, facilities will also have to be created to meet the needs of its students most of whom will come from areas far and wide.  In this regard, it is foreseen that planning strategies for the optimum location of accommodation, recreation and parking facilities will have to be devised and designed for the site.

Added to this, a further decision was made to make adequate provisions for the various academic offerings of ROYTEC at this site.  This will permit this branded UWI institution to concretize its southern presence, which currently is only impermanently housed at the Naparima College in San Fernando.

Nascent Development design elements:

A1:  Signature building for the UWI–S.A. Faculty of Law

A2:  Academic building for the other UWI programmes and ROYTEC

A3:  Hall of residence for 100 students

A4:  Student Union Building (to include food service facilities)

A5:  Recreational facilities: playgrounds + hard courts

A6:  Necessary pedestrian, parking + roadway facilities


Project Information


Design/Build Contractor: China Jiangsu Internation Economic Technical Co-operation Corporation
Project Managers: Acuitas Caribbean Limited

Campus Area:

24,050 sq. meters

Contract Sum: TT$499M
Type of Contract:

Design-Build FIDIC Yellow Book

Construction Start: Jan. 2013
Expected Completion Dec. 2014