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World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2018 - Cocoa Research Centre, The UWI

Important to note

Deadline for payment to lock in the Early Bird registration rate is July 15th, 2018 at 3:00pm

Date & Time
World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2018 expo will be hosted by Cocoa Research Centre (CRC) on September 28-29th from approximately 10:00am to 6:00pm beginning with an Official Tour of exhibits by dignitaries including specially invited guests to the Opening Ceremony.

Exhibitors will be accommodated either within the venue (SPEC, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus) or in its vicinity.  The venue will be air-conditioned. Priority access will be given to chocolatiers and food vendors.

Discounts off the registration fee will be available for exhibitors who are chocolatiers, cocoa entrepreneurs, cocoa farmers, pending receipt of sponsorship for the event. Exhibitors who are interested in exhibiting are kindly asked to fill the following online form if you have not already done so. This helps us to properly plan the exhibition. If you have further queries please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Space allocated for chocolate and chocolate food items will be inside the venue. Size of the space allocated per booth: one table in a minimum of 30 sq. foot space. Further charges will apply for additional space or tables or special requests.

Target Audience
The exhibition is open to the public and will attract persons of various ages from school children to seniors. The University community (5, 800 staff and 47,000 students) will be invited to attend. Schools will also be invited to register for free admission at a nominal cost of $100 per school for unlimited students and teachers. All stakeholders of the cocoa industry including cocoa farmers are invited and many have been contacted directly. Based on The UWI campus population, we estimate at least 5000 persons over the course of the two days.

Free taste samples are a great way to attract traffic to your booth. There will be an MC with a roving microphone that you can use to announce the time when you will be giving out free samples. You are advised to stagger your free sample giveaways, perhaps on an hourly basis so that you can have product to last throughout your intended time of exhibition. Early registration will ensure your company will be listed early on the CRC official website and you may also advertise on social media to encourage attendance to your booth at the event to ensure a successful presence.

The event will be advertised on Facebook (http://facebook.com/cocoacentre), Instagram (http://instagram.com/cocoacentre), in the feature events of the daily newspapers, on television, and on radio. Community based organisations as well as stakeholder organisations and institutions will be invited directly.

Event Brochure
Copies of the Event Brochure will be available at the exhibitor registration desk. Applications with company descriptions and payment must be received by September 1st in order to be included in the Event Brochure.

Exhibit Opening/Hours

Friday Sep 28                        10:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday Sep 29                        9:00am - 5:00pm

If the Opening Ceremony is held on the morning before day one, the expo will be declared open at the end of the Opening Ceremony, followed by a tour of dignitaries before opening to the general public.


Thursday 27th           3:30 pm - 11:00 pm (Southex booths only and tent companies)
Friday 28th             7:00 am - 10:00 am (all exhibitors


Saturday 29th                  5:30 – 6:30pm

Friday 28th (if necessary)   6:00 – 7:00pm


Display Booths
Exhibitors are responsible for the contents of their booths. Exhibitors will be provided with the following:

  • one table (60 inches × 24 inches or 1.5 metres x 0.6 metres),
  • two chairs
  • At an additional rental cost of $45 per skirt and $24 per table cloth: Table cloth, skirt, two chairs (additional chairs by request) - this must be requested and paid for in advance
  • Two exhibitor badges and a parking pass to allow access to the venue - these must be returned to the registration desk at the end of the expo.

Booth Selection
All booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, with special consideration given to the first 10 exhibitors registered and confirmed with a payment.

Set up
Exhibitors will be able to set up during the following times:

Friday               7:00 am - 10:00 am

Exhibitors who need access close to the venue for off-loading heavy items must submit their vehicle license plate numbers as soon as possible to be added to the list of approved vehicles that will be allowed access to the gate during setup times.

Booth Layout and display
Please consider the table arrangement, flow of traffic, the display area available for easy viewing and your fellow exhibitors in designing your booth displays. If you reserve an additional table, the tables must be placed at right angles (or any other configuration that uses the smallest space) to conserve space.

Booth Supervision
Exhibitors are kindly asked to ensure that they have someone to man the booths at all times. When filling out the registration form, please provide us with a list of names.

Registration Fee
CRC will subsidise registration fees (partial discount) for local chocolatiers, farmers and cocoa entrepreneurs, once sponsorship funding is received. All exhibitors are kindly requested to RSVP (as going) the WCCD event page to qualify for any discounts. Also note for a limited time, the early registration rate will be available to local chocolatiers, cocoa entrepreneurs and farmers. Eligible exhibitors must register and submit their payment early to lock in this pre-registration discount.

Scan this QR code on your mobile phone to visit the WCCD 2018 event page

Exhibitors may sell products at the exhibition. All exhibitors are required to contribute a small cover charge of $1000 TTD for the first day (additional cost for the second day is less for cocoa entrepreneurs) to be paid in advance but your total cost can be reduced by discounts if this is requested. Discounts for early payment, as well promotional discounts are available if you missed the early bird registration deadline.

Early bird registration discount is available to exhibitors who are farmers, chocolatiers or cocoa entrepreneurs registering before July 1st, 2018 or returning exhibitors who call us to confirm their spot with prior information. Payment must be made by July 15th, to claim the Early Bird registration discount. Invoices for payment will be sent to the e-mail address submitted through the registration form. Late registration/Late payment fee of $200 (in addition to exhibitor booth fee) will apply after September 10th, 2018. Booth fees are non-refundable after September 15th, 2018.

Exhibitors who contribute a tangible prize for the event in excess of $70-$500 will receive a discount off the registration fee (if paying in advance) and will be acknowledged (upon confirmation of payment) on this website and on the CRC official Facebook page. Other smaller donations will also receive a discount. Exhibitors will be invoiced for the discounted amount if donations that are not delivered on or before WCCD expo days. Kindly note: Offer of memberships or coupons for discounts less than 100% do not qualify as a tangible prize. Discounts will only apply for exhibitors paying in advance. All other exhibitor cash donations (or prizes such as gift vouchers that can be used to obtain tangible product items without spending additional money) below the value of $500 will be acknowledged on this website.

Please see either the secretary, Mrs. Sophia Boissiere or Ms. Antoinette Sankar at CRC in Sir Frank Stockdale Building (North) to make your payment. Accepted forms of payment: cash or a cheque made out to Cocoa Research Centre, The UWI.

Exhibitors who require an additional table or additional space may need to pay an additional cost depending on the venue. Up to two additional chairs will be provided free upon request. Additional chairs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note the allocation of spaces is at the discretion of CRC and cannot be guaranteed to any specific exhibitor though CRC will take early bookings and payments into consideration.

The venue will be air-conditioned and power outlets made easily accessible directly or with an extension cord. If you have special power requirements, this must be stated in advance on the registration form.
There are food outlets, a bakery and a drug store within walking distance of The UWI SPEC. There is also an ATM located just west of The UWI SPEC, near The UWI SAC food court.

Please note that lunch will not be provided to exhibitors unless we are able to secure funding.

Trash bins will be placed in strategic locations around the auditorium. Washrooms are available inside of SPEC. Please make every attempt to recycle plastic materials using the blue bins located on Campus.

Secured parking is available on campus. Exhibitors will be allowed temporary parking in the venue lot for off-loading but then must park in the designated areas after completion of the off-loading process.

Contact Information
For general information and updates to the exhibition, please check this page or visit our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/cocoacentre.

E-mail enquiries should be directed to the webmaster Ms. Antoinette Sankar at info@cocoacentre.com.

During office hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, telephone: 662-8788 or 662-2002 extension 82115, 82178, 83331.

Exhibitors are responsible for their activities and should actively seek to avoid any incidents that may result in damage to persons or property. CRC and The UWI will not be held responsible or liable for any compensation, injuries or damages.



  1. Be mindful of basic common sense, and safety guidelines at all times and apply these guidelines to your booth activities. If unsure, please consult a Safety Rep from CRC.
  2. Unethical conduct or infraction of the Rules by an exhibitor or representative will subject the exhibitor and/or its representative to removal from the venue or other exhibit area, in which event it is agreed there will be no refund from CRC.
  3. All exhibitor activities must be conducted within the exhibitor’s assigned space.
  4. No exhibitor is permitted to enter another exhibitor’s booth without permission by that exhibitor.
  5. Distracting sound and lighting devices are not permitted.
  6. Canvassing or distributing advertising matter outside the exhibitor’s own space is not permitted. Solicitation of business, except by exhibiting firms, is not permitted.
  7. Nothing shall be posted on, tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the building or furniture. Any booth cost required for the protection of the building, equipment, or furniture will be at the expense of the exhibitor.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas, (and all buildings on The UWI campus) at all times. Smokers are also kindly asked to not smoke within the vicinity of doorways as this may cause smoke to enter the venue depending on the direction of the wind.
  9. Additional rules from SPEC:
    1. All exhibitors bringing in heavy items such as small freezers are required to have a rubber mat of some kind to place under the item. (More details: https://trello.com/c/FUR9YNAM/36-special-venue-requirements)
    2. No confetti
    3. No pyrotechnics
    4. No glass bottles
    5. No parking on grass areas

Enforcement of Rules

By applying for an exhibit space, an exhibitor agrees to adhere to all conditions and regulations outlined in this prospectus. Conformity to these rules and regulations for the World Cocoa and Chocolate Day 2018 celebration will be monitored by exhibit management. Each exhibitor is granted nothing more than a terminable licence to exhibit, subject to all the rules herein and the general control of CRC.

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