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The Cocoa Research Centre flavour section is seeking to organise its physical, chemical and organoleptic analyses into a formal accreditation scheme within the coming months.


Using NIR as a new tool for cocoa research

Currently the flavour section is responsible for organoleptic profiling of the ICGT collection (on-going).

The section is also a partner in several projects seeking to understand the flavour attributes and processing potential of specific clones within the collection.

Ground cocoa beans. Image copyright Cocoa Research Centre



Trinidad Fundare is the result of a collaboration with CRC and Charley Wheelock of Woodblock Manufactory. This collaboration is an unprecedented partnership in support of the ICGT using cocoa from the genebank to create a unique taste experience representing a sampling of the extensive diversity of the ICGT.

The Fundare bar will appeal to the imagination of chocolate lovers as a means to give back to the cocoa industry by supporting the ICGT which is an invaluable resource to sustain the future of chocolate for generations.

Read more on the Fundare page.

More on the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad

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