The Civil Engineering Degree Programme provides core competency in the essential engineering sub-disciplines and project management, and offers a wide choice of specialisation within any of the five sub-disciplines in the final year of the programme. For further details see pdf.



BSc (Hons) Accredited CEng (Partial)

This degree is accredited as:

1. Fully satisfying the educational base for an Incorporated Engineer (IEng)

2. partially satisfying the educational base for a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

A programme of accredited Further Learning will be required to complete the educational base for CEng,

See for further information and further details of Further Learning programmes for CEng.


Further Learning Programme

MSc (Technical and Non-Technical)

This degree is accredited as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for a Chartered Engineer (CEng) for candidates who have already acquired a partial CEng accredited undergraduate first degree.

See for further information.

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