West Indian Journal of Engineering

West Indian Journal of Engineering

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Volume 43: Number 2, January/February 2021


Airflow and Heat Transfer Analysis within Flat-top Roofs Heated from Below by Ola Kamiyo Abstract | View PDF

Improving the Lighting Project Executions with Light-Emitting Diodes in Trinidad and Tobago: A Value Engineering Approach by Melissa Ramrose and Kit Fai Pun Abstract | View PDF

Cybersecurity Threat Analysis for an Energy Rich, Small Island Developing State by Reshawn Ramjattan, Darren Ramsook and Patrick Hosein Abstract | View PDF

Public Transportation in the Caribbean: Dominance of Paratransit Modes by Leah Wright, Jared-Marc Tangwell and Anthony Dick Abstract | View PDF

Supply Chain Evaluation for the Plant Extracts Industry in the Eastern Caribbean by David R. McGaw and Sharad Maharaj Abstract | View PDF

Flow Induced Vibrations of for Oil and Gas Piping Systems: Wall Pressure Fluctuations and Fatigue Life Assessment by Richard Bachoo and Jacqueline Bridge Abstract | View PDF

Hydraulic Model Study of Arena Dam Spillway Works, Trinidad by Harry Orville Phelps (late), Hazi Md. Azamathulla and Gyan S. Shrivastava Abstract | View PDF