Undergraduate Programmes

The Evening University Undergraduate Programme offers Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates which are delivered through the Faculty of Science and Agriculture and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Our accredited programme options are diverse and pertinent to today's world. When making the decision to return to pursue higher education, you may want to consider some of the degree programmes listed below.

Degree Programmes

Faculty of Science and Agriculture -Undergraduate Faculty Booklet

  • BSc Agribusiness Management
  • BSc Human Ecology
  • BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Special)
  • BSc Information Technology

Faculty of Social Sciences - Undergraduate Faculty Booklet

  • BSc Banking and Finance (Special)
  • BSc Insurance and Risk Management (Special)
  • BSc Economics
  • BSc International Relations (Special)
  • BSc Leadership and Management
  • BSc Management Studies
  • BSc Political Science (Government)
  • BSc Psychology
  • BSc Public Sector Management (Special)
  • BSc Sociology
  • BSc Sports Management


Certificate And Diploma Programmes

If you have reservations about pursuing a degree programme at this time, perhaps a certificate or diploma would be a better option for you. By choosing this option you can reacquaint yourself with student-life while gaining matriculation status for later entry into one of the degree programmes listed above. Here are some of the Certificates and Diplomas that we offer:

  • Certificate in Public Administration
  • Diploma in Public Sector Management
  • Diploma in Local Government Studies


Postgraduate Programmes

Post-graduate study is becoming more of a necessary requirement than simply just another option.  It expands on the work done at the undergraduate level and facilitates an in-depth knowledge of various concepts and themes through courses and research.  The post-graduate Programmes hereunder are some of the few taught Masters offered by the Evening University.