Past and current students are able to view their academic history on the web as follows:

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“A student who is dissatisfied with the results of his/her examination should report his/her dissatisfaction in writing to the Campus Registrar.  Such report must be made, in the case of the First Semester, by the first Friday of the Second Semester or within five days of the issuing of publication of results whichever is later.” Regulation 142 (i) Excerpt from The University of the West Indies, Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates 2008/2009.

There are two aspects of the review of results process which are as follows:

Advice on performance :  A student may request to go through his/her failed script with the Examiner or
Remarking:    The student may choose to have his/her script(s) re-marked.

The consultation process should take a maximum of three (3) weeks, while the remarking can be longer depending on the course and location of the independent examiner. 

The both requests cannot be made on the same occasion, you may request the consultation first and after this process is completed you may then proceed with the remarking within 48 hours.  Please refer to Examination Regulations 142 – 147.

Cost for services

Consultation: Free of Cost

Remarking: The remarking cost is TT$375.00 per course.

Please click here for Advice on Performance form.

Forms can be brought in and submitted at the customer service station, ground floor, Student Advisory Services building.