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About FFA

Welcome to the Faculty of Food and Agriculture

On behalf of all the staff members of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA), we welcome every student to The University of the West Indies in general and to the FFA in particular. We at the FFA are extremely honoured that you have chosen to join the FFA, a faculty that has evolved from the ICTA (the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture), and is founded on a long and illustrious pedigree dating back to the 1920s.

The primary focus of the FFA is to produce the human resources needed for our Region to attain food and nutrition security. With its relevant research and wide range of undergraduate and graduate offerings in agriculture, agribusiness, food and nutrition, geography and related areas, the FFA is poised to make a significant contribution.

We encourage you to get fully involved in campus life, through your academic programme and with the various groups and societies that exist on the campus. These groups provide opportunities and experiences that can assist you to become a well-rounded individual.

Also, there are many exchange programmes available that afford you the opportunities to spend a semester abroad, to gain valuable international experience.

The FFA encourages its graduate students to attend seminars and conferences and present papers, and tries its best to facilitate these activities.

In the faculty there are two deputy deans, one whom deals with undergraduate matters and the other who deals with graduate matters. They are readily available to assist in addressing problems that you may encounter from time to time. Please make time to visit their offices; they are here to serve you. There are also three department heads who can assist if you have issues with courses in their departments. Get to know them!

Again, welcome to the FFA and to your exciting journey and may all your goals and aspirations be achieved!

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