Dr Marsha PEARCE
Lecturer – Cultural Studies

Marsha Pearce


Room 313B, 3rd Floor West, School of Humanities
Faculty of Humanities and Education
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

Phone: (868) 662-2002, Ext. 83567
Fax: (868) 663-5059
E-mail: Marsha.Pearce@sta.uwi.edu


• PhD University of of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
• BA University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus

Research Interests

Visual culture

Communication and media studies

Politics of identity and representation

Visual narratives of travel and tourism

Visual research methodologies

Current Courses

CLTR 6010 Debates in Caribbean Cultural Identity
CLTR 6030 Dynamics of Caribbean Culture

Recent Publications

Pearce, Marsha. “Ready for Takeoff? Lacerated Fantasies of Caribbean Paradise in the Décollage Art of Andrea Chung.” Travel and Imagination. Eds. Garth Lean, Russell Staiff and Emma Waterton. Farnham: Ashgate, 2014.

Pearce, Marsha. “Picturing Self.” See Me Here: A Survey of Contemporary Self-Portraits from the Caribbean. Eds. Melanie Archer and Mariel Brown. Laventille: Robert & Christopher Publishers, 2014.

Pearce, Marsha. “Die Welt als Archipel /The World as Archipelago.” Kulturaustausch/Cultural Exchange: Journal for International Perspectives 2 (2014): 18-19.

Pearce, Marsha. “Tropical Impressions of a Traveller: Caribbean Place and the Retouching of Sensory Experience in the Paintings of Steve Bonner.” Travel, Tourism and Art. Eds. Tijana Rakić and Jo-Anne Lester. Farnham: Ashgate, 2013.

 Pearce, Marsha. “Clothes that Wear Us: Caribbean Identity and the Apparel Art of Robert Young.” Jonkonnu Arts Journal 1.1 (2013): 35-42.