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Antilia (St Augustine) ISSN: 1015-2261 (Vol 1, Nos 1-3). This was the journal of the Faculty of Arts, UWI, St Augustine (1982-1987). The call number in the West Indiana Division is LE15 W653 A8 A7 A6.

Journal of West Indian Literature (UWI, Cave Hill, Mona and St Augustine). This is a twice-yearly publication edited and published by the Departments of Literatures in English of the Mona, Cave Hill and St Augustine campuses. See the April 2010 issue.

Tout Moun: Caribbean Journal of Cultural Studies

Members of our staff sit on editorial boards of a range of other international journals.


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"I Dream to Change the World" - Literature and Social Transformation: 30th Annual West Indian Literature Conference (13-15 October 2011).

Reassembling the Fragments (25-27 August 2011), a conference in honour of Bridget Brereton, Barbara Lalla and Ian Robertson.

New Geographies: Studies in Postcoloniality and Globalisation (24-27 March 2011), co-organised with the Institute of Gender and Development Studies (IGDS). Click for more information on the special invitees: Arjun Appadurai (Keynote Speaker), Guy Deslauriers (film screening), Gisèle Pineau (special guest) and Patricia Mohammed (film screening).  Here is the programme. 

11th International Conference on Caribbean Literature (November 2010).

Derek Walcott Conference: Interlocking Basins of a Globe (January 2010).  Click for photos of this conference.

First They Must Be Children: The Child and the Caribbean Imagi/Nation (May 2009).

V.S. Naipaul: Created in the West Indies (2007). See Rahim, Jennifer and Barbara Lalla, eds. Created in the West Indies: Caribbean Perspectives on V.S. Naipaul. Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers, 2010.

Where is Here: Remapping the Caribbean - 25th Anniversary Conference on West Indian Literature (March 2006). See Journal of West Indian Literature, Vol 18 No 2 (April 2010), guest edited by Jean Antoine-Dunne.

The Earl Lovelace 70th Birthday Conference (2005).  See Aiyejina, Funso, ed. A Place in the World: Essays and Tributes in Honour of Earl Lovelace @70. Caroni: Lexicon, 2008.  Click for a review by Rhoda Bharath.

Beyond Borders: Cross Culturalism and the Caribbean Canon (2004).  See Rahim, Jennifer with Barbara Lalla, eds.  Beyond Borders: Cross Culturalism and the Caribbean Canon.  Kingston: UWI Press, 2009.

25th Annual West Indian Literature Conference: Caribbean Literature in a Global Context (2000). See Aiyejina, Funso and Paula Morgan, eds.  Caribbean Literature in a Global Context. San Juan: Lexicon, 2006.



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