After My BA Degree Programme: Possible Career Choices

Three years of language study on your transcript will catch the eye of anyone reading your job application as the level of inter-cultural awareness and adaptability of many language students attracts prospective employers.

Here are some of the more obvious career choices open to language graduates:

Air Cabin Crew

Customer Service and Help Desk

Civil Servant (Local/Overseas)

Distribution Manager


Hotel Manager

International Banking

International Organisations


Marketing Executive

Market Researcher

Passenger Services




Sales Manager



Travel Consultant

Our graduates also work in the following fields:


Art Exhibition Coordinator

Bilingual Secretary

Chartered Accountant

Conference Manager

Personnel Officer

European Customer Services

Export Marketing

Foreign Affairs Officer

Investment Officer

Language Assistant


Public Relations Executive


Recruitment Consultant

Trainee European Researcher

Teaching English Overseas

Trilingual Telemarketing

University Lecturer

See also the FHE website brochure: “What Do I Do with a BA?” (PDF).

Opportunities for Language Professionals at the United Nations

Learn about opportunities for language professionals at the United Nations. Listen to Janine McCollin Lissandre, UWI alumna, translator at the UN headquarters, and in charge of Outreach, as she talks about an internship programme launched at the UN for Caribbean participants. Watch the video here, accompanied by the presentation here, and the the handout here.