Current Coordinator: Dr R. Sandra Evans

Prospective and current teachers of English in Trinidad & Tobago may choose this programme (ELLE), as well as from the following combinations:
1) a Double Major in Linguistics and Literatures in English;
2) a Major in Linguistics with a Minor in Literatures in English;
3) a Major in Literatures in English with a Minor in Linguistics.

Each Minor must include 15 credits of courses specifically recommended by the Ministry of Education.


LING 1001 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
LING 1002 Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
LING 1005 Introduction to Language

LITS 1001 Introduction to Poetry
LITS 1002 Introduction to Prose Fiction
LITS 1201 Elements of Drama

EDLA 1180 Developing Literacy Ability

FOUN 1001 English for Academic Purposes
FOUN 1101 Caribbean Civilisation
FOUN 1102 Academic Writing for Different Disciplines (Option A)


LING 2101 Language Acquisition
LING 2302 Sociolinguistics OR LING 3101 Applied Linguistics
LING 2402 Structure of the English Language
LING 2404 Structure and Meaning in Literary Discourse OR LING 2702 Point-of-View and Meaning in Literary Discourse

LITS 2006 English Poetry from Donne to Byron
LITS 2203 Shakespeare I

LITS 2301 Key Issues in Literary Criticism I OR LITS 2307 Twentieth Century Literary Theory

EDCU 2013 Introduction to Curriculum Studies
EDLA 3112 Literature for Children
EDME 2006 Classroom Testing and Evaluation

In certain cases, Level II and Level III courses may be interchangeable.


LING 2305 Educational Linguistics
LING 2403 Change and Development in the English Language
LING 3099 Special Project in Linguistics (substitute for HUMN 3099 Caribbean Studies)
LING 3202 Creole Linguistics

LITS 2106 The Origins and Development of American Literary Prose OR LITS 2110 African Literature in English I: Prose Fiction OR LITS 3802 The Literature of the Indian Diaspora
LITS 2502 Caribbean Women Writers
LITS 2507 Introduction to West Indian Poetry (B): Selected West Indian Poets
LITS 2510 West Indian Prose Fiction
LITS 3501 Advanced Seminar in West Indian Literature A
LITS 3502 Advanced Seminar in West Indian Literature B

EDLA 3111 Principles, Approaches and Methods in Teaching Standard English in the Caribbean
EDTK 3202 Use of Media and Production of Educational Materials

Other Interdisciplinary Linguistics-related programmes include the BA in Speech and Language Science.