FDMU 0005 Preparatory Academic Writing


Pre-requisite: Students must have one of the following in order to register for FDMU 0005:


  • CXC English Language (General Proficiency): Grade 1, 2 or 3


Course Description:


Preparatory Academic Writing provides Certificate students with the opportunity to develop basic competencies for academic writing at the tertiary level. It subsumes two major pedagogical areas: formal essay-writing skills and patterns of Standard English grammar.  Unlike the existing courses that seek to develop students’ academic writing skills at the undergraduate level in specialized writing modes and disciplines, this course will be heavily experiential and will focus on the rudiments of academic writing in terms of form, elements and structure. No specific mode of writing or methods of exposition are included. Further, the mechanics of writing form a critical dimension of this course and students will be expected to participate in a range of related activities to foster their grammatical competencies.


Academic writing skills form a cornerstone for effective communication within a tertiary level environment. Students pursuing a Certificate in Music are expected to develop and hone related preparatory writing skills as these form the bedrock for communicative competencies within their discipline. This course examines specific strategies and content designed for students who need to enhance their basic competence in comprehension, formal essay writing, the mechanics of Standard English and research and documentation skills applicable to beginning formal academic writing at the tertiary level.  It also serves as a comprehensive preparatory course for success in the foundation academic writing courses applicable to an undergraduate degree in Musical Arts.


The aim of this course is to improve students’ skills in the generation of ideas and the development of those ideas into well-presented, grammatically accurate formal essays supported by sound research and documentation.


At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Use a range of techniques to generate ideas on a given topic
  • Conduct and assess research in order to enrich and develop a pool of ideas to support their academic writing
  • Critically assess ideas in order to arrive at a position in relation to them
  • Formulate a controlling idea for a formal essay
  • Organize ideas into a fully formed formal essay using a series of main points which validate the controlling idea
  • Produce accurate Standard English grammar, especially in those areas which may be challenging to native Creole speakers
  • Edit a formal essay to ensure accurate sentence formation, appropriate punctuation and precise diction
  • Document researched information using the principles of the MLA documentation style.